Portable Wet & Dry Power Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless, Hurricane HPV12 (Car Adaptor Included)

August 3, 2017 - Comment

Portable Wet & Dry Power Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless, Hurricane HPV12 (Car Adaptor Included) YouTube Video

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Lezleigh says:

Worst Purchase Ever It didn’t even last for one single day. The first place I used it was my car. I plugged it into the charger and let it charge while I cleaned the inside of my vehicle. About 30 min later I figured it had been charging long enough and, while still charging, I went ahead and turned it on. It did an ok job for what I paid for it, not a whole lot of suction, but it picked up most of what was there. When I went to dump it out I kind of had some problems with getting the debris out so since I was outside I just shook it pretty violently, and most of it came out. Next I decided to see if when running on the batteries if the unit had more suction power or worked differently in any way. But the moment I put the batteries in the cover popped off and all the batteries fell out. The weight of four to six C batteries, I think it was, is way too heavy for that flimsy little cover to hold in and it gives under the slightest resistance. In order to use the batteries at all it would have to be taped…

HumaneShopper says:

Always charged, handy and surprisingly strong suction. Great buy for the price. Shipped quickly and packaged very well. Has very good suction and, since it works on batteries, it’s always “charged.”

Melissa says:

Horrible I tried this product out finally. Used it to try and vacuum up some dead grass in my floorboards. LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL….. The only sucking that went on with this product was the product itself. I live in a coastal county and hurricanes are just part of that life. Putting the word hurricane in this product’s description is laughable. Maybe the manufacturer of this product should come visit us for a while and see what a REAL hurricane is like. I am sorry I had to give it one star.

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