Car Vacuum Cleaner,Wietus 12V, 75W Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner/ Cleaner Dustbuster Hand Vacuum with a Portable Bag and 14.8 FT(4.5M) Power cord

August 3, 2017 - Comment

Product Description Wietus ® – Technology Enhances Life The Wietus is a powerful 12 Volt, Power:75W Dust Buster for quick pick up. It is use for your car. The Long mouth is easy to Vacuum the Hair and Wool Fabric, including the 4.5meters(14.8 foot power cord). It can help you clean your car very well.

Product Description
Wietus ® – Technology Enhances Life
The Wietus is a powerful 12 Volt, :75W Dust Buster for quick pick up. It is use for your car. The Long mouth is easy to the Hair and Wool Fabric, including the 4.5meters( foot ). It can help you clean your car very well.

1. It is bullet train design, elegant appearance, compact and flexible, easy to carry.
2. Super power, strong suction, dust effect is remarkable.
3. Unique and large duck-billed suction nozzle design can clean the corner cracks thoroughly.
4. It is better that it has unique and ultra-fine filter net. < br> 5. The operating specification is wider with 4.5meters(14.8ft) long power cord. Let you can clean everywhere in your car.
6. It is safe and effective with12V car power supply, Power:75W.
7. Product size Length:11inch,high:3.5inch.
8.The density of HEPA filter is much higher than ordinary filter, it is the effective filter medium of Soot,dust and bacteria pollutants etc.

Attention: 1. This product is specially using for the car. Don’t use it in other excessive dust environment. In order to avoid affecting the dust absorption effect and service life.
2. When you using it, you must install the filter screen. In order to avoid it damaged when it sucked pollutants into the pump motor.
3. Don’t take the former shell down when products is working. In order to avoid the accident happen.
4. Don’t put the product below the air-condition directly, in case of the condensate into the product. In order to avoid the product damaged.

Friendship Reminder:
If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by Wietus, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!


Grandchawhee says:

This is a must have for those of us who spend hours in our cars. This little vacuum is awesome! I spend a large amount of my day commuting, and as a direct result, I am often forced to eat meals while in the car. I think you know where I am going with this…The crums often build up and quickly make a mess of my area. This is unacceptable when I all too often will drive around with clients. I purchased this car vacuum by Wietus so I can clean up immediately in the event that I make a mess in order to prevent myself from being embarrassed of a mess. So far, this little cleaner has been perfect. It has enough power to suck up crums, small pieces of paper (Sugar packet pieces etc.), any anything that is small enough to be picked up and fit into the vacuum. Don’t get me wrong, it will also pick up most larger objects also, which allows me to grab it and place it into a garbage bag. 

Florida Kayaker says:

Good suction, easy to use

Customer Video Review Length:: 4:16 MinsThis car vacuum works very well for cleaning up the garbage in my car. It has enough suction power to pick up crushed cheerios and small foil pieces.The dirt collector is easy to empty and the cord is long enough to read all areas of my car. It does make a bit of noise but I expect that.The attachments are helpful in getting into close areas or getting things that are stuck in the carpet fibers. You can use it as a blower also or even suck up water.The bag that comes with it will hold the accessories but I would not have minded if it were a bit bigger so I could put the vacuum in it also.Overall: Enough power, easy to use, plenty of attachments, priced competitively.Sample provided for review.

Poppy Perry says:

Very handy small vac. Very handy small vac. Works very well. Bought it for my car, it is ideal. On the car will pick up dirt, small stones and remove dust. Different attachments are useful! Crevice nozzle held out with a clip. Suitable for small or narrow places. I am very efficient for such a small vacuum. Great Price and great product. Would highly recommend this product.

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