Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power RETECK DC 12v Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Wet Dry 4Kpa Suction Auto Vacuum Cleaner Tools with Cigarette Lighter Plug 14ft Power Cord with Carrying Bag

August 1, 2017 - Comment

Features • RETECK Portable Wet/Dry Automotive Vacuum Cleaner Voltage Range: 12-14V, Max Power: 140W Rated Power: 75W, International Standard Car Plug, Meet all of vehicles with 12V cigar lighter. • RETECK High Speed (28000r/m) Vacuum Cleaner Motor and New Generation All-aluminum Alloy Fan, provide more than 3.6KPa vacuum degree, it can easily inhale three iphones!


Wet/Dry Automotive Voltage Range: 12-14V, Max : 140W Rated : 75W, International Standard Car , Meet all of vehicles with 12V cigar .
• RETECK Speed (28000r/m) Vacuum Cleaner Motor and New Generation All-aluminum Alloy Fan, provide more than 3.6KPa vacuum degree, it can easily inhale three iphones! At some time, the All-aluminum Alloy Fan is strong enough for dirt’s destruction
• Pivoting nozzle; the long mouth is easy to vacuum and clear the Hair, Wool Fabric and other dirt. It can be used to clear the trunk and engine compartment because of power for the general passenger cars .You do not need to worry that the wire was short or the plug was fall out! Wet/Dry two function make sure various kinds of dirt can be cleared.
• Nano water-proof HEPA filter is reusable, do not need to change filers and spend any money more, just wash it by water, economic and environmentally friendly.Outlet with activated carbon filtration to avoid secondary pollution.
• Build-in cyclone vacuum, higher cleaning efficient, low current(<7A) make sure it is safe to the vehicles
• Product size:L400mm x W120mm x H120mm(L15.7in x W4.7in x H4.7in). Dust capacity is 500ml.One-Step Empty and Ergonomic design, operation more flexible and comfortable.
• With international safety certification FC, CE, RoHS. Please enjoy RETECK Convenient Cleaning productions!

Package includes:

1 x 106 car vacuum cleaner
1 x Long blower mouth
1 x Brush
1 x Hose
1 x Manual


Chris sullens says:

This vacuum is pretty awesome I honestly can’t say enough about this vacuum it works really really well.. honestly it sucks! Don’t you just love the play on words ! It really did a good job with the carpet in my jeep I have two dogs and I’m constantly having to vacuum my car. This vacuum removed a significant amount of dirt dander and dog hair oh and rocks I was impressed with not only the sleekness of the vacuum but I was also excited about all the little tools that come with it plugged in easily into the spot in the car and the cord was plenty long to reach all the way into the back it has an extension that you add to the tip to be able to get into little nooks and crevices and in addition to that there’s a brush it’s far more of a value compared to other ones that I’ve seen on Amazon and also eBay . The companies description of the vacuum was exactly the item I received it’s made with high-quality plastic and the color is a really pretty blue . In addition to just the vacuum it also come with a little…

Reb's Boy says:

Does the job well I bought this as a gift for my daughter. Her boyfriend thought it might not be adequate, since he had a similar product. She’s quite happy with it. The unit is powerful enough to clean out her car, and it runs well off the lighter attachment.

JAY.H says:

I recommend it~~!!! I tried it right after I received and there is plenty of suction. The vacuum did pick up dirt and hair directly. the long cord allows me to use it in the trunk of my car. The extra attachments and the storage bag are great too ! perfect to my car. I recommend it

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