Car Vacuum Cleaner, Besteamer Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner Auto Lightweight Cleaner for Car 12V 100W Wet & Dry Auto Vac, gold (Update Version)

August 1, 2017 - Comment

Color Name: Gold Specification: Voltage: DC 12V Power: 100W; Size (Main Body): 13.4 x4.3 x 5.5 inch/ 34 x 11 x 14 cm Weight (Main Body): 0.6kg Package Included: 1 x 100w car vacuum cleaner 1 x eva soft pipe 2 x pipe connection 1 x flat nozzle 1 x brush nozzle 1 x user

Color Name:

Voltage: DC 12V
Power: ;
Size (Main Body): 13.4 x4.3 x 5.5 inch/ 34 x 11 x 14 cm
Weight (Main Body): 0.6kg
Package Included:
1 x 100w car
1 x eva soft pipe
2 x pipe connection
1 x flat nozzle
1 x brush nozzle
1 x user manual

1.Only work with 12V DC power supply. Never use with other power!
2.To extend service life of cleaner, after continuously running for 30 minutes, you should let it take a break.
3. If you want to use it as home vacuum, you need Universal AC-DC Power Socket Adapter Converter (100W).
4.We recommend pulling out the cigarette lighter after using 15 minutes to make it cool enough and then continue to use (Pay attention to your hands when pulling the hot lighter). This protects your car circuits and prolongs the using life of the vacuum as well.
5.If it is for wet use, please notice the height of water-proof tube in the front cover and remember the height of a suction volume should not exceed that of HEPA when cleaner breathes water or damp matters. (You must shut off the cleaner, open the front cover, pour out the water or liquid for reusing. Reversing the machine body is strictly prohibited.)
6. Install the filter component first before use. The filer is washable and reusable. Clean it in time after operation, or it may affects dust cleaning effect. Once suction is lower, clean the filter soon and dry it. Keep away from your eyes/ears when cleaning.
7. The vacuum sucks wet/dry. When suck wet, ensure the water the front cover sucks will not higher than the filter¡¯s bottom.
8. Prohibit children using alone to avoid any possible dangers.
9. Some of the products may have been put into the old of manual, but all the parameters are subject to this page. We are sorry for this situation.


OD says:

great car vacuum

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:10 Mins Really great vacuum with extra possibilities which is nicei use this to clean my car and it does the work – i dont have a lot of mess mainly some sand and mud and stuff like that as we go hiking alot we bring tons of dirt on our shoes and we have a dog so….sometime i take around kids of my sister and stuff so that has its own mess price hahahthis vacuum gets it all so its great – very easy to use, very light weight so no hasslei really like the different accessories i use the brush one a lotthis vacuum also has the abilities to check your tire pressure and to inflate stuff if needed and it has a nice flashlight which can show you what you are doing when you use it in the darkin a nutshell – great car cleaner and more 🙂

Amazon Customer says:

starsGreat vacuum cleaner to keep in your vehicle. If you have kids, you know that your vehicle will get messy. I have three young boys, so our vehicles get filthy. I hate going to to the car wash and using their vacuums that cost money, so I decided to search for a smaller vacuum that I could keep in my car and clean up after my kids. I came across this vacuum and decided to give it a try.When I got it, I was really surprised at how nice it is. The vacuum has a really great suction on it and picks up almost anything up that you can think of.You don’t have to worry about buying new filters, you can just wash the filters it comes with. I wash mine after every use and let it air dry, makes it just like new. I am really impressed with how well this vacuum works and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great little vacuum for their vehicle.

Amazon Customer says:

Perfect vehicle vacuum This vacuum is just what I had been looking for. The tools are easy to attach and work wonderfully to get into the small areas that you would otherwise be unable to reach using just the vacuum itself. I love that it plugs right into the cigarette lighter outlet for power, unlike the ones where you have to remember to keep charged. No worries with this one. The extra filter is also a lifesaver for those times when you haven’t cleaned in awhile and need to clean the filter before finishing the whole vehicle. With the extra filter, you can just pop the new one in and then clean them both once you are finished. I also love that it comes with a storage bag, that everything conveniently fits in.

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